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Anderson Silva Talks About His Career, Nogueira’s Fight With Couture & More

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is more concerned about the outcome of the Antonio “Minotauro” Rodrigo Nogueira/Randy Couture fight at UFC 102 than his own battle with Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. The UFC middleweight champion stated, “his (Nogueira) fight is even more important than mine, this fight belongs to us and I will go there to help him.”

Nogueira has been plagued with injuries recently, and many say the fighter is not as impressive as he was during his career with Pride FC. But a win against Randy Couture at UFC 102 could change the public’s view. Anderson says he plans on helping his teammate take home a win.

“All my friends just train together and help each other,” Silva told Fighter’s Only Magazine. “Minotauro has a difficult fight in front of him. Couture has to be respected and this fight is very important to Nogueira in UFC and all the team know it.”

Anderson went on to note that his Black House team, which includes UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, is years ahead of many fighters.

“God forgive me for saying it, but we’re years ahead of some fighters,” Silva said. “We can also make mistakes of course. When we study our performances we see them, however it doesn’t always appear to the untrained eye.”

It’s this drive to constantly improve and evolve that has catapulted 34-year old Silva to the top of the UFC’s middleweight division. Silva say’s it’s not about the money or fame that keeps him motivated, it’s about constantly improving.

“I see my fights every day and try to get better in all skills,” he said. “I don’t worry about the outcomes, winning or money. I just think on getting out of there the same way I came in, that is, in one piece with no injuries.

“I try to win through the mistakes of my opponents,” he continued. “It’s not interesting for me to expose myself and run unnecessary risks. I’m getting old and since I started fighting I never had a scratch or my face broken. Anyone who knows about fighting can see what I mean.”

Fans can see if the “Spider” can hold on to his scratch-free streak at UFC 101: Declaration, where he will be face former UFC light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin. The event is headlined by a UFC lightweight championship bout between champion BJ Penn defending against top contender, Kenny Florian.