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Forrest Griffin Talks About His Book, Rashad Evans And Preparing For Anderson Silva

UFC fighter Forrest Griffin may be a warrior in a ring, but at home, he says he’s a bookworm. In a recent interview with USA today, the former light heavyweight champ talked about his passion for reading, which lead him to write his New York Times best seller book, Got Fight?: The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat.

“There’s some definite grammatical inconsistencies (in the book),” he tells a reporter with USA today. “I’m not a huge fan of the English language. But it’s alright, I suppose. It’s a book written by a guy that gets punched in the head for a living.”

In his book, the fighter talks about true mental toughness, and what it takes to become an MMA fighter. Tactics he’ll need to study up on before he gets in the octagon with Anderson Silva at UFC 101.

“You can’t load up. You’ve got to be quick and just try and catch him in some way. Punch him in the shoulder. Hit him anywhere, “ he said.

Griffin went on to say that he needs to “change up” to stay competitive, so he is focusing on learning wrestling. He is also learning from his loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 92 to help him prepare for his highly anticipated fight.

“Is there like a lesson I’d take away? Just that you’ve got to be offensive on the ground. You can’t just lay down there. You’ve got to go, be working to either get up, or submit, or do something, not just try to tie the guy up and rest for a little bit.”

Considered the underdog in his fight with Silva, Griffin admitted that it’s a good thing he’s not considered the favorite. “I’d rather be the underdog than the favorite any day, every day. I talk about that in the book a little bit — the lower the expectations, the sweeter victory, the better your performance looks in retrospect, you know?”

Griffin and Silva square off at UFC 101, taking place on August 8th in Philadelphia, PA. The event is headlined by a lightweight title bout between champion BJ Penn and top contender Kenny Florian.