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Lorenzo Fertitta Continues Pursuit Of Fedor Emeliankeno

“We Want [Fedor]” . . . Most MMA organizations would utter these words regarding WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, however they’re much more powerful when spoken by UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta.

“We want [Fedor],” Fertitta said of the Russian during a recent Q & A session for Fighter’s Only Magazine.

The following day, UFC president Dana White parlayed that sentiment by stating, “Eventually, Fedor’s going to be here. I want Fedor. I want him to come to the UFC…We’ll end up getting that deal done, and then we’ll do Brock vs. Fedor, and it’ll be a huge fight.”

That’s all fine and dandy, however Fedor is currently under contract with his good buddies over at Affliction Entertainment, and in an exclusive interview last week, company VP Tom Atencio told us they are on the cusp of inking an extension with Emelianenko.

Although many obstacles lie ahead, Fertitta remains confident that he can get the deal done.

“We can figure something out,” said Fertitta. “It is a shame that he has not come forward to challenge the best guys in the world and I hope he comes. We want him.”