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Brock Lesnar Talks About His UFC 100 Antics, Barnett, Helping WWE & Fighting Fedor

Since UFC 100 last week, it seems that every fighter has had a chance to vent their opinions on how Brock Lesnar acted after beating Frank Mir. Everyone from Lesnar’s opponent Frank Mir, to Randy Couture, to WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown has chimed in with their thoughts. Brock Lesnar finally got a chance to discuss the incident today on Jim Rome’s radio show.

“I almost felt like I was back in a WWE ring and I gave a win to a guy who didn’t deserve a win, and it made me sick for a long time,” Lesnar noted of his first fight with Mir at UFC 81, when Mir defeated Lesnar with a kneebar in just 1:30 of the first round.

“To carry a loss for 17 months . . . It wasn’t about me trying to get on the microphone,” Lesnar noted of his post-fight remarks. “I guess I should have waited about five minutes to cool down and have my trainers put the leash on me. I was full of adrenaline.”

Jim Rome asked if his behavior, which worked in the WWE, would work in the UFC, to which Lesnar replied, “This is a business and (the UFC) wants to sell a lot of pay-per-views. That’s not my job . . . I could have done it in a more respectful fashion. What’s done is done. I can’t go back and change anything. Will that come out of my mouth again? Probably not.”

Lesnar also revealed how UFC President dealt with him after the fight.

“He just came back and spoke to me like a man,” he said. “He just said we couldn’t talk like that about the sponsors. And I understood that . . . I wish I could back and rewind the clock, but I can’t.”

Rome went on to ask if we could expect similar behavior in the future, to which Lesnar replied, “The fans are going to look at this however they want.

“I’m going to have to get in the octagon and prove that I’m the best heavyweight champion in the world,” he continued. “I’m not going to focus my time and energy on who I’m going to be. I am who I am and that’s how it’s going to be. My goal is to carry this belt as long as I can.”

Lesnar did note that his dominance in the UFC helps out his former employer.

“I think I’ve done a lot for the WWE to solidify them. I was the WWE Champion and here I am the UFC Champion. The things I’ve done for that company are remarkable.”

Lesnar went on to talk about how his body took more punishment in the WWE, and how fighting is the easiest part of MMA.

“I was just telling my wife the other day that the fighting is the easiest part of this sport,” he noted. “The training camps are where you pick up your wear and tear . . . On average about two to four hours a day of physicality five six days per week for eight weeks.”

The conversation turned to Josh Barnett, who was pulled from his WAMMA heavyweight championship fight with Fedor Emelianenko next Saturday after allegedly failing a drug test. Lesnar said he didn’t want to say anything bad about Barnett or anyone, but Barnett “may have made a career-ending” move.

When asked about fighting Fedor one day, Lesnar replied, “Would I accept a fight from Fedor? Absolutely.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Lesnar below: