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WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Brown Says Brock Lesnar Will Bring In "Hillbilly Fans"

The debate over Brock Lesnar’s post-fight antics at UFC 100 continues on and went to a split decision on Inside MMA last week. WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown, UFC heavyweight Antoni Hardonk and Affliction lightweight Javier Vazquez were a part of the panel and offered some differing opinions of how the former WWE superstar acted.

“Normal sports fans, or MMA fans, I don’t think they’re into type of thing,” Brown said. “But the pro wrestling fans, that’s what they’re into.

“I’ve never been a pro wrestling fan, but I could imagine, I know there’s a lot of them, how they got really into that,” he continued. “They love the heel, the bad guy, the jerk who talks a lot of smack. So maybe it’ll attract some hillbilly fans.”

Vazquez noted that he was a pro wrestling fan and found Lesnar hilarious, but didn’t consider himself to be a “hillbilly”.

Hardonk stated that he didn’t like how Lesnar acted. He noted that Lesnar came to the UFC to prove that he was a warrior, and said “that’s not how warrior act”.

You can watch the clip from the show below: