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Tito Ortiz And Dana White Squash Their Long Running Feud

One of the most bitter feuds in MMA may be over. As noted last week, Tito Ortiz appeared on TapouT radio and noted he made amends with the UFC and his longtime foe, Dana White.

“I’m very thankful for Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta from the UFC and I’m glad that me and Dana (White) kind of got to brush each other off,” he said. “We may not still like each other or whatever but we came to amends — which is awesome. I gotta thank Strikeforce for giving me an opportunity and I want to thank Affliction for giving me an opportunity.”

Tito Ortiz and Dana White have had an . . . um, interesting relationship. White once managed “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” early in his UFC career. Things began to sour after White and the Fertittas took over the organization, and then light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz seemed to be ducking top contender Chuck Liddell in 2003. It ended with the UFC having to create an interim light heavyweight title, which was won by Randy Couture. Ortiz would go on to face Couture to unify the titles at UFC 44, which saw Couture defeat Ortiz via unanimous decision.

Things continued to get heated between the two and came to a head in 2007, when Ortiz challenged White to a fight and White accepted. Spike TV even agreed to air the fight, which was to be a boxing exhibition match, but Ortiz ended up no-showing the event and telling White that he let him off the hook. Ortiz remained with the UFC until May of 2008, when he lost a unanimous decision victory to Lyoto Machida on the last fight of his UFC contract at UFC 84. Dana White was nowhere to he seen that night. More recently, Ortiz was banned from appearing at last weeks UFC Fan Expo.

Despite all that, Ortiz went on to reveal that he and Dana White recently spoke and squashed their long-running feud.

“I had a conversation with Dana last week, me and him spoke,” he stated. “We were really, really good friends at a point. We were best friends at a point. Everything got mucked up because of the fight game.

“I wanted to be a man and kind of squash things between me and him, and wish him luck in his journey, and he did the same to me. So we kind of amended with each other and squashed things. Which is great because Dana showed the type of person he is by apologizing to me, and vice versa.”

Dana White confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

“Yes, Tito and I made up,” he admitted.

“Doesn’t mean he’s back,” he continued. “It means we aren’t smashing each other anymore and we don’t hate each other.”

To check out some great moments in the Ortiz – White rivalry on Youtube, click here. You can check out video of the last time the two were in the same place at the same time in public – the UFC 84 press conference – below: