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Frank Shamrock Looks to Bounce Back

Frank Shamrock has done a lot for the sport of mixed martial arts, however the MMA pioneer has dropped three of his last four fights, including a vicious beat-down by Nick Diaz this past April. With his career at a crossroads, he looks to piece his life together.

“I wasn’t able to deliver in my last fight,” Shamrock said. “It was a good show, but it was an OK fight. I didn’t deliver a performance. I look at it like, ‘If the actor can’t hold the role, then you need a new actor.’”

From the start, Diaz overwhelmed Shamrock with his speed and dynamic striking, before the scrap was mercifully brought to its conclusion in the second round.

“I’ve never gone in and gotten my ass kicked,” Shamrock admitted. “I’ve never gone in and not had an outstanding performance, which is what people pay for.”

The timing for his “first-ever” smack-down couldn’t have come at a worse time as the 36-year old is now questioning if it’s indeed time to hang ‘em up.

“So I don’t know. Am I getting old? Do I care less? Is it time to move on? I have no idea because this is my first experience,” expressed a confused Shamrock.

If that was the last we have seen of the former UFC champ, then he will go down as one of the sport’s best. But this is a ‘What have you done for me lately’ kind of sport, and nobody understands that better than the veteran.