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Kimbo Slice Says Being On TUF 10 Was "Kinda Like Jail"

Now that street fighting legend Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson has officially wrapped filming for the 10th season of the hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter, he talks about his TUF 10 experience and starting anew inside the Octagon.

“I am here to be an Ultimate Fighter,” Kimbo said of his motives for joining the heavyweight tournament. “I was street certified, now it’s time to be Ultimate Fighting certified. I gotta thank [UFC president ] Dana [White] for letting me prove myself.”

He also compared his TUF 10 experience to being locked up.

“Being in the [TUF 10] house, it’s kinda like jail, except these guys know how to fight,” stated the former backyard brawler. “It’s different. At any given time you gotta fight, you gotta sit and wait. I sit in one spot, in a blue room, or a green room for hours, it kinda [expletive] with you.”