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UFC Owner Lorenzo Fertitta Says They Want Fedor And Are Open To Compromise

“We want him” says UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta of Fedor Emelianenko, who is believed by many to be the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Despite being hailed as one of the top heavyweights fighters in the world, the Russian heavyweight has yet to fight in the UFC. Fertitta wants to change that, and says that he is willing to allow Fedor to continue fighting in Sambo competitions – which has always been a point of contention in negotiations – if he joins the UFC.

“We can figure something out,” he said during a weekend Q & A session to Fighter’s Only Magazine. “I think we need to have a situation where at least 90 or 120 days before he’s signed a contract to fight, he shouldn’t be out there competing in events like that because I don’t want to take the chance of him getting hurt.”

This comes after several past failed attempts to sign the Russian heavyweight. Fertitta blames the fighters management on why a deal hasn’t been inked.

“I’m not sure he even knows what we offered him, to be honest with you,” he noted. “I think if he knew what we offered, he would have been here a long time ago . . . we’ve never met Fedor. I want to sit down. I want to talk to him and that’s part of the problem. We’ve never even met the guy.”

Fertitta says he hopes that after Fedor fights Josh Barnett at Affliction: Trilogy on August 1st, that he will come to the UFC and challenge the “best guys in the world.”

“It is a shame that he has not come forward to challenge the best guys in the world and I hope he comes,” he concluded. “We want him.”