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Reporter That Was Dry-Humped By Rampage Responds To Incident

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s propensity for dry-humping reporters reared its ugly head again recently during an interview with Heather Nichols of When Nichols joked about the two of them doing a romantic film together, Rampage proceeded to pull Nichols close and dry-hump (you read that right) her for the remainder of the interview.

“That was DEFINITELY the most bizarre interview I’ve ever done,” Nichols told Sports Illustrated.

“At first I was just shocked when he grabbed me, and all I could think was, ‘Oh my gosh, what is he doing?!’,” she continued. “Then I tried to play along a little bit because I knew he was trying to be funny, but after about the first 5-10 seconds, it was just plain awkward. I kept thinking, ‘What should I do? Knee him? Keep going?’ So I decided to keep asking questions, assuming he would stop if I did that. So I asked another question, and he kept going. I asked ANOTHER question, and he kept going. At this point I was just freaking out, but still trying to be a professional and ask all the questions I was assigned to ask, and this has been interpreted by some viewers as me liking it and egging him on. This was definitely not the case. I was hired to do a job, which was to interview Rampage, so I decided to put up with his shenanigans and finish the interview.”

With Rampage’s current legal problems, one would think he would be on his best behavior. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Rampage has dry-humped a female reporter, as he had also done it with a Japanese reporter a couple of years ago (video link).

You can view a video of the incident with Nichols below:

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