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Frank Mir Embarrassed By Brock Lesnar’s Actions At UFC 100, Wants Rematch

Add Frank Mir to the growing list of fighters who think that Brock Lesnar’s actions at UFC 100 were embarrassing to the sport. He was also not impressed by Lesnar’s apology after being scolded by UFC President Dana White.

“That’s like: You steal a guy’s bike, your dad kicks your ass, and then you apologize only because your dad kicked your ass,” Mir told Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “How genuine is that? I don’t buy it.”

Mir noted that it took him a few seconds to realize that Lesnar was yelling in Mir’s face after the fight. Lesnar proceeded to flip off the crowd and urge the crowd to keep booing him, while berating Mir and Bud Light, the UFC’s biggest sponsor.

“Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass,” Lesnar stated after the fight. “I told him that a year ago. I pulled it out of him and beat him over the head with it.

“[Now] I’m going to drink a Coors Light. That’s right a Coors. Bud Light don’t pay me nothing. I want to say ‘Hi’ to my family and friends and, hell, I may even get on top of my wife tonight.”

Mir went into a room and saw the tirade later, saying “ESPN showed him spitting and hollering. My children are looking. I’m shaking my head, pointing at my kids and going, ‘That’s not how you want to do it, guys.'”

Mir noted that it’s normal for fighters to be cocky before a fight, but it should end after the final bell.

“We’ll be cocky, especially before a fight, to help sell it,” Mir noted. “If you ever heard any speeches (Bruce Lee) gave, he was a smart ass (before a fight). But at the end of a competition, he would be respectful.”

Mir reminded Elfman of how he treated Lesnar after he submitted the current heavyweight champion at UFC 81: Breaking Point in February of 2008.

“I didn’t degrade him and say he was an idiot,” Mir said. “There was no point to kick the guy while he was down.

“OK, I beat the guy. What, am I going to spit on you, too?”

As for what wrong in their most recent bout, Mir admitted to be surprised by Lesnar’s attack.

“When he didn’t come after me, that really threw me off,” Mir noted. “I didn’t expect him to run. He ran like a lightweight . . . It’s my fault. I should have trained that he would be intimidated from the standup.”

Mir wants a rubber match with Lesnar and hopes that putting on more weight will change the outcome next time.

“If I can just nail that gap to even 10 pounds, it’ll be a different fight next time,” Mir stated.

Mir finished by saying that he hopes his next victory will teach Lesnar a lesson in humility saying, “Hopefully next time, I’ll show him how somebody is supposed to act in victory.”