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Brock Lesnar Says "Dana White Was Thrilled", Talks UFC 100 Victory is reporting that Brock Lesnar, who is a regular guest on KFAN’s morning show based in Minneapolis, called in yesterday to talk about his victory over Frank Mir this past Saturday at UFC 100.

“It was an emotional (victory), I’ll put it that way,” he noted. “That’s for sure.”

When Lesnar was asked if Mir had provoked Lesnar at the end of the fight to spark the intensity of the flurry of punches at the end, Lesnar stated, “Frank did a good job promoting the fight. It wasn’t anything that Frank had said, you know. I said it before, this fight wore on me. Seventeen months. I’m a sore loser. I shouldn’t be that way. I guess it was more the way I lost. I gave him the fight. Just how Frank carried himself after that, I think Frank you know took a cheap win against Nogueira. Nogueira was very sick going into that fight. Of course, when you’re on the top of the card, main event pay-per-view, you can’t just back out and say you’re sick. I knew that Frank had too many Christmas presents handed to him and I had enough of it.”

As for his post-fight antics that have gotten a lot of ink, Lesnar said “I went into some crazy mode where I was so happy. I guess I had a flashback of working for Vince McMahon, maybe. I don’t know. [laughs]”

The UFC heavyweight champion went on to talk about UFC President Dana White’s reaction, who had apparently scolded the 300 pound behemoth following the event.

“He was thrilled as far as the fight was concerned,” he said. “The only thing Dana was kind of a little upset about – when he came back to the locker room after the fight, anytime I mess with or mess with their sponsors, that was probably what he was little upset about.”

“I was a rabid dog, man,” he remarked about spitting out his mouthpiece and head butting the cage after the fight. “I unleashed a fury. Like I said, it was a very emotional win for me. 17 months, an eight week training camp. There was a lot of build up for this. Frank and I were supposed to fight in May. He backed out and said he had gotten hurt. I had heard some different things. This guy was biding his time. Frank’s a huge fan of the fight industry. He wanted to be part of the UFC 100. I felt like there was some things I wasn’t being informed on. I just wasn’t sure how everything was going. Finally, to get my hands on the SOB was just a blessing.”

Lesnar ended the interview thanking his Minnesota fans and apologizing for his hand gestures.

“I want to thank the Minnesota fans and apologize for the hand gestures at the end for the young kids. It was unsportsmanlike. But I’m sorry. I was in a moment. I am the champion and I should act a little better than that. I was having fun. But it was inappropriate.”