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Dan Henderson Explains His Actions, Threatens Dana, Talks About Moving To 205 & More

Brock Lesnar isn’t the only one getting heat for his comments at UFC 100 last night. Dan Henderson disappointed many of his fans when he stated that he had deliberately nailed Michael Bisping with a punch on the ground after Bisping was knocked out from an overhand right. The normally classy fighter said that he felt that he had shut his brash opponent up for the time being.

“I believe I accomplished that for a little while,” Henderson stated after the fight on shutting up Bisping. “I don’t know if he’ll ever shut his mouth completely, though.”

When he was asked about the final punch to his knocked out opponent, Henderson noted, “Normally, I’m not that way in fights. I know if a guy is out. I tend to stop. I knew I knocked him out. I think that one was just to shut him up a little bit.”

UFC President Dana White was quick to note that Henderson’s comments weren’t made to be taken seriously.

“[Henderson] said he was joking,” White explained. “I didn’t think it was funny either, but Dan Henderson’s a good guy.”

Henderson went on to elaborate on his comments during the post-fight press conference, stating, “When you’re in the heat of the moment, the ref hadn’t stopped me yet, who knows what’s going to happen, whether he’ll recover of if they’re gonna stop the fight? I really only hit him twice, once on my feet and once on the ground, I didn’t keep going after the ref tried to stop me. It was just a reaction of mine to keep going until I was stopped.

“It did feel good though,” Henderson added.

With his victory over Bisping in the record books, Henderson let it known that he would like another crack at middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who submitted Hendo at “UFC 82: Pride of a Champion” in March of 2008.

“It’s a fight that I want,” Henderson noted of a fight with Silva. “I haven’t asked for it yet. I’ve let it known that I would like that rematch, but I have never asked Dana or anybody to give me that. I knew it was just a matter of time, I just had to win some fights and beat some good guys. I felt like I’ve done that now.

“Ultimately it’s up to him [Dana White], but I feel that I’ve came back and fought some fights and deserve that,” Henderson continued.

“It’s up to him [White] to make that decision. It’s up to me to beat his ass if he doesn’t make the right decision,” he joked.

“See, he is a vile and dirty guy,” White quipped after Henderson’s humorous threat.

White did note that a fight with Silva is a possibility, saying, “We’ve got to figure out dates, times. [Silva] is fighting in August, and then we’ll figure it out from there. We’ll see what happens.”

If a rematch with Silva isn’t in the cards, Hendo noted that he had a back-up plan.

“If it doesn’t happen, I like fighting at 205 too. So there’s lots of match-ups for me.”