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Brock Lesnar Ticks Off Dana White, Apologizes And Talks About Bud Light & Frank Mir

Brock Lesnar didn’t do himself any favors with MMA fans who have been giving the former WWE superstar a hard time since his arrival. After handily defeating Frank Mir last night at UFC 100, Lesnar went on to flip off the crowd with both of his fingers and mock Mir while he was recovering in his corner. As Lesnar was about to be interviewed, Lesnar encouraged the hostile crowd to keep booing.

“Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass,” Lesnar stated after the fight. “I told him that a year ago. I pulled it out of him and beat him over the head with it.

“[Now] I’m going to drink a Coors Light. That’s right a Coors. Bud Light don’t pay me nothing. I want to say ‘Hi’ to my family and friends and, hell, I may even get on top of my wife tonight.”

Lesnar’s antics didn’t impress UFC President Dana White, who apparently gave Lesnar a mouthful backstage after the event.

“Straight WWE,” Dana White told Yahoo! Sports. “Brock hasn’t made himself very loveable. They [fans] hate Brock. Brock went so far over the top tonight I can’t even describe it. I don’t think in the history of the UFC we’ve ever done anything like that.

“What he’s doing out there tonight is not real. You don’t have to act like something you’re not. This isn’t the WWE. I don’t ask these guys to act crazy so we get more pay per views. That’s not the business I’m in.

Lesnar admitted during the post-fight press conference that he and Dana had “a whip-the-dog session”, and attended the conference with a Bud Light in hand.

“First and foremost I want to apologize,” Lesnar started out saying. “I acted very unprofessionally after the fight and I’ll leave it at that.

“I’m a sore loser, ok, and I don’t like to get beat,” he continued. “I believe that Frank and I, our first fight, I gave that fight to him. So there was a lot of emotion in this fight for me.”

Lesnar went on to try and make ammends with the UFC and their biggest sponsor, Bud Light.

“I love this company,” Lesnar professed. “I apologize to Bud Light. I’m not biased, I drink any beer. Tonight I’m drinking Bud Light all night.”

Lesnar went on to blame his behavior on his previous boss, WWE owner Vince McMahon.

“You guys ask me all the time, ‘Is there anything I can drag over from WWE’, and I guess you’ve seen a little but tonight. I’m used to selling pay-per-view tickets. I come from a business that is purely entertainment and my coach is the guy that’s the best in the business [referring to McMahon].”

Lesnar went on to note that his actions toward Frank Mir weren’t personal.

“I have nothing against Frank,” he admittied. “The only thing I have against Frank was that he beat me. We both talked a lot of crap and in the end, I was just amped up.”

To watch video of Lesnar from last night’s press conference, click here.