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UFC 100: Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 100. To access our full coverage, click here. For quick results of each round and notes during each fight, follow us on Twitter by clicking here.

Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson

Round 1: Both men touched gloves to start the fight. Henderson rocked Bisping early with some big shots. Bisping looks hurt. Henderson continued to use his strength advantage to control Bisping. Henderson landed a big right just as the round ended. scores it 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 2: Henderson landed a big right hand a minute into the round that rocked Bisping. Henderson continues to be the aggressor but Bisping is dodging Henderson’s shots. Henderson landed a huge right that knocked Bisping out, followed by another on the ground with just a little under two minutes left in the round.

Winner at 3:20 of Round 2 via KO: Dan Henderson

After the fight, Henderson noted that even with the win, he wasn’t sure that Bisping would ever shut his mouth. Henderson went on to say that he feels like he deserves a title shot after this win.