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Pre-Order UFC 100 And Get 10% Off From DirecTV

Ordering UFC 100 just got a little more enticing with a special offer for DirecTV subscribers. If you order UFC 100 by Thursday, July 9th DirecTV will send you a mail-in rebate for 10% off of any future UFC event.

10% off of a $44.95 or $54.95 (if you order in HD), can add a couple of more beers or chicken wings to your UFC party this Saturday.

Those who have questions are being urged by DirecTV to call 1-800-531-5000.

With UFC 101 featuring a lightweight title fight between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian as well as Anderson Silva’s return to the light heavyweight division against Forrest Griffin, there’s no reason why fans shouldn’t order UFC 101 with an additional 10% off on the line.