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Dan Henderson Talks About Brock Lesnar’s Rise, Bisping’s Advantage & More

Dan Henderson is a little over a week away from finally getting a chance to get his hands on Michael Bisping, who opposed the former PRIDE superstar as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 9. The normally soft-spoken Henderson had some poignant comments for his opponent at UFC 100 on July 11th.

“He is no better on his feet than I am,” Henderson stated of Bisping. “I’m sure he is a little bit better at moving his feet and cutting some angles but he definitely doesn’t have more power than I do. I just want to cut him off and make him stay in my face and that is where he is going to get beat up.

“They [Bisping’s camp] don’t know how to wrestle,” Henderson continued. “Wrestling is non-existent over there – but this is MMA, not a wrestling match. I have been taken down plenty of times in fights with guys that have never wrestled… We are out there doing other stuff, trying to knock each other’s heads off and things are opened up a little bit more.”

Henderson did note that Bisping did have an advantage over him in one area.

“About the only thing that he has going for him is probably his cardio. We are going to focus on that and make sure it isn’t a factor in this fight. I’m sure if I didn’t step one foot in the gym to work technique or wrestling for this fight and just did cardio, I would still beat him up. I am a better fighter than him and more experienced.”

As for the comments Bisping has been making towards Henderson, Hendo made it known that it doesn’t matter to him.

“I don’t care what he says, it doesn’t matter. I am going to beat him up and make his lips so fat he won’t be talking for a couple of days.”

While Henderson vs. Bisping is one of the featured bouts of UFC 100, the actual main event pits Brock Lesnar facing Frank Mir for the undisputed UFC heavyweight championship. Henderson noted on ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning that Lesnar received a title shot too quickly.

“I didn’t really agree with the fact that he should have even had a title shot at 2-1,” he noted. “He’s obviously proven he’s a specimen, and dangerous in the sport, but somebody that new, who hasn’t fought any of the top guys, to get a title shot? I believe he should have earned it, not just come in off reputation or pay-per-view sales.”

While Henderson believes that Lesnar got to the top too quickly, even he admits that Lesnar’s future in the UFC is bright.

“At one point, I’m sure he will be unstoppable,” Henderson said of Lesnar.

For the full video of Dan Henderson talking about his fight with Michael Bisping, visit our Videos section by clicking here.