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Wanderlei Silva Gets Key to City of Pensacola

Former Pride FC middleweight champ Wanderlei Silva may have dropped five out of his last six MMA scraps, but the City of Pensacola, Florida could care less as they are set to present the Brazilian with a Key to the City.

On Thursday, July 16th, Mayor Mike Wiggins will be presenting the key to Silva at the Paradise Gardens during “Coffee with the Mayor.”

Later that day, Wandy will be speaking to a group of at-risk teens, stressing the importance of being good citizens of HIS city.

Silva is determined to show kids that, like him, through determination and perseverance they too can overcome life’s difficult hurdles.

After the Brazilian gives his inspiring speech, the city will then throw a street party to honor their new neighbor, who just happens to be one of MMA’s most accomplished fighters.

Not only will Wandy go down as one of MMA’s baddest men ever (”Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good” – Run DMC), he will also be recognized as one of its most gracious and kind as well.