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Frank Mir Talks Brock Lesnar, Says He Only Got Title Shot For Being In WWE

June 19, 2004 is a day that Frank Mir will never forget. That was the day that Mir defeated Tim Sylvia at UFC 48: Payback in just 50 seconds to win the UFC heavyweight championship, breaking Sylvia’s arm in the process. Before he ever had a chance to defend the title, Mir was struck by a motorcycle and put on the shelf for a year and a half, forcing the UFC to strip him of the title. Fiive years later, Mir has the opportunity to once again wear the UFC heavyweight championship belt that he once held. To do that, he will have to get by Brock Lesnar, a man Mir had defeated in Lesnar’s UFC debut in February of 2008.

“If Brock Lesnar was never in the WWE, he would never have gotten a title shot,” Frank Mir recently told Maxim. “But that’s how people get paid. The bottom line is it’s not always about who’s a better fighter.”

Lesnar has stated that he should have won the first fight. Lesnar grounded Mir and was pounding away on him early in the first round, however referee Steve Mazzagatti quickly stood them up and deducted a point from Lesnar for hitting Mir on the back of the head. When the fight resumed, Lesnar quickly took Mir down again, however was caught in a kneebar, causing Lesnar to tap out at 1:30 of the first round.

“Frank knows deep down that he lost that fight,” Lesnar said. “He got a Christmas present.”

Mir denies that the victory was in any way tainted. “Through the grapevine we found out that Brock hired lawyers to look over the officiating rules, but they couldn’t find nothing wrong with any of it,” Mir stated. “I look at it as a great victory. He couldn’t put me away with his power. Brock was trying to win the fight real quickly by landing a couple shots and not doing damage. That’s not really an honorable way to try to win.”

“All I remember from last time is him whimpering and wincing as I was tapping him.”

Mir also was critical of Lesnar’s abilities, saying “If you watched when he wrestled in college, his abilities were not very technical. He used his size and his power. He won matches by one and two points, drew the pace down, got real boring.”

As for his own submission skills, Mir was far from humble.

“There’s no way anybody can roll with me for 25 minutes and not get tapped. It’s just impossible.”