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MMA Regulation in New York On Hold Until 2010

We previously reported back on June 3, 2009 that MMA sanctioning in New York passed an important hurdle. It was then that the state assembly’s Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development Committee passed Bill A02009 with a 14-6 vote. The next step was for Bill A02009 to makes its way past several other committees on its way to approval.

While Mixed Martial Arts has taken steps towards approval, it is saddening to report that this will not be happening this year, as the 2009 NY State Assembly section expired without the bill moving past the Ways and Means Committee. This means that the bill for MMA sanctioning never made it to the Assembly floor for the all-important general vote prior to making to the desk of Governor David Patterson.

What this all means for MMA proponents in New York is a minimum of a six-month delay before continuing the battle to allow for legally-sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts events in New York State.