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After Narrow Loss, Clay Guida Still Claims He’s The Best At 155

In what has to be considered one of the favorites for fight of the year so far, Clay “The Carpenter” Guida lost a razor thin split decision to Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez in the main event of the TUF 9 Finale this past weekend. Guida recently spoke with about the epic battle.

“One word, man: heart. My family. [The fans] are there cheering me on. I’ll never stop. I looked at my shorts, saw the blood, and it’s tough to judge on damage,” Guida said. “[Sanchez] dropped me a couple of times. I know I rocked him a couple of times and got some takedowns, threw some big elbows and some good ground-and-pound.”

The Guida vs. Sanchez bout was likely to determine the #1 contender spot in the UFC’s lightweight division, and although he came out on the wrong side of the decision, Guida still maintains the belief that he is in fact the top guy in the weight class.

“I still believe that I’m the top fighter in the lightweight division. It’s not cocky; it’s confident. There’s a thin line between that as well. I want to wear that strap one of these days. We’re just going to be back to the old drawing board, as they say.”

Despite going just 4-4 in his last 8 bouts inside the octagon, no one displays more heart and desire during a fight than Guida does, and it’s a fact he relishes every moment of.

“No one wants to fight in front of an empty crowd,” Guida said. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I was fighting by myself. It’s about the team, about family, support, and putting a smile on your face and getting back in there.

“I’m going to take a lot away from this fight. I’m going to treat it like the (Roger) Huerta fight, and it’s going to be another turning point in my career, I think. Keep those hands up. Watch those kicks. Back to the drawing board. But it’s all fun. Once you stop having fun, it’s time to look for a new profession.”

As shown during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Guida, despite being rocked numerous times and having a huge gash cut open on the top of his head, was unbelievably ready to go two more rounds if needed be.

“It was an awesome fight. I was ready to go a couple more rounds. I got up and started running around again like a crazy man.”

“I didn’t feel tired in the fight. I felt awesome. I could have gone two more rounds, three more rounds, whatever. But I have too much fun out there to get tired. If you’re getting tired in there, you’ve got to find something else to do,” Guida said. “If you can’t go for 15 or 25 minutes, you’re in the wrong line of work. This isn’t a hobby. I love this.”