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Tim Sylvia Speaks On His Loss To Ray Mercer, Says He Was "Stupid"

Tim Sylvia recently gave his thoughts on his humiliating ten second loss at the hands of 48 year old former heavyweight boxing champion Ray Mercer in Birmingham, AL last Saturday.

“I’m bummed out, you know,” Sylvia admitted on HDNet’s Inside MMA last night. “I played into his hands. He was talking a lot of crap about if I would be a man and stand up with him.

“I stood up with a boxer, you know,” he continued. “When he’s in my world, it was stupid of me.”

Sylvia’s comments about only standing up with Mercer because be was baited by the former boxing heavyweight champion would make sense, except for the fact that the bout had been scheduled to be a boxing match until two days prior to the show, when the bout was changed to MMA due to sanctioning problems.

Meanwhile, Ray Mercer noted that he came out ahead when the cards were stacked against him.

“I didn’t get time to warm up,” Mercer noted after the fight. “Everything was against me. Two days ago, this was a boxing match. They changed it, and made it MMA and I whooped that ass!”