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Jens Pulver Offers Latest Thoughts On Retirement

Former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver (22-12-1) has left many fans wondering what’s next for him after a disappointing string of four straight losses. His last loss came to rising star Josh Grispi at WEC 41 on June 7th. “Little Evil”, as Pulver is frequently known, fell prey to a guillotine choke just over thirty seconds into the first round. His recent lack of success in the cage and his upcoming 35th birthday (in December) has many questioning if Pulver has any fights left in his storied career.

In a recent interview with Chad Dukes of WJFK and, Pulver offered up his thoughts on what he’s currently thinking about his career. When asked about his last fight and the comments he made afterwards about the possibility of retiring, Pulver stated, “One of the biggest promises I made, I’m not gonna be that guy that retires and then comes back. I retire and have everybody give me their well wishes and we throw the little celebration and all that but then I decide I’m gonna come back. I’m not going to waste everybody’s time with that.”

Clearly, Pulver is at a crossroads in his fight career and he recognizes the need to take a step back and evaluate what’s next for himself. He explained what he needs now is time to reflect, saying “Really right now for me it’s pause. And I need to take that pause because, you know, the reality is physically I feel great. I mean I walked into that and at least the one thing I showed, I didn’t take the fight lightly. I was in great shape. Physically I felt great. Everything was, you know, on track. I was happy as could be for the fight. But, you know, I got caught. I got beat.”

So when a fighter feels great physically and is in a positive place mentally and still loses it can lead to some contemplation. “Now I gotta just figure out, alright you know, the self-esteem is shot. Everything about my fighting is shot in that aspect. What do I do? So I just need that pause right now, you know, to really figure out what I’m gonna do when I get in there. How am I gonna fix things? Can I fix things? And then, you know, when that day comes. So you know when I do retire it’ll be a one time deal.”

His career in mixed martial arts has spanned over a decade but not even Pulver himself knows if it will continue at this point. With Pulver’s latest loss only a couple weeks old, it seems as though he has some more soul searching to do before he’ll be able to share what’s next.