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UFC 99: Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 99: The Comeback. To access our full coverage, click here.

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva

Round 1: Both fighters shook hands before the fight and touched gloves once the bell began. This is the nicest I’ve seen Silva in a fight in years. Silva landed a couple of nice combinations, and Franklin was able to land some shots of his own. Silva is looking more cautious than I’ve ever seen him so far. Silva hit a high kick that grazed Franklin. Silva finally got a big takedown. Silve tried to secure a guillotine, but slipped and Franklin was able to mount Silva and got his back. Franklin pressed him against the cage, but separated with seconds left in the round. Franklin landed a couple more shots to end the round. 10-9 for Franklin.

Round 2: Silva was breathing heavy as the round began. Franklin pushed forward and landed a couple of good punches and an inside leg kick. The fight stayed standing with both men landing scattered shots, but Franklin doing more damage. Silva is having a hard time with Franklin’s reach. With a little over a minute left, Silva landed a right hook and Franklin buckled. Silva went for the kill and wailed away on Franklin, almost looking like he was going to finished Franklin off but Franklin recovered. Franklin nailed Silva with a high kick, but slipped and fell. They kept swinging to end the round. Great finish to the second round. 10-9 for Franklin, but it’s close.

Round 3: Both men slapped hands to start the round. Both guys are tired, but Silva looks more fatigued. They stayed standing, with Franklin getting the better of the stand up, taking Silva apart. Franklin hit an accidental low blow, and Silva took just a couple of seconds to recover. Franklin continued to pick away at Silva, but Silva then landed a couple of good shots and a knee. With a minute left, Silva went in for the kill again and landed some big shots, but Franklin was able to take Silva down. Silva was able to get up, but Franklin controlled him while Silva kept dropping elbows from the back to end the round. 10-9 Silva, but it’s close again. Great fight.

Winner via unanimous decision: Rich Franklin

Franklin gave props to Silva after the fight. Franklin said 195 lbs. is perfect for him, but he’ll stick around at 205. Franklin thanked his coaches and Anderson Silva after the fight.

Silva said after the fight that he wanted to give a show for the fans and thanked them. Silva said the cut didn’t affect him and he feels great.