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UFC 99: Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 99: The Comeback. To access our full coverage, click here.

Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: Saunders pulled guard immediately and Swick landed some shots from the top. Swick pressed Saunders up against the cage. Saunders held on to Swick, trying to control the body. You could hear them smack talking, with Swick asking him, “Are you going to hold me all night”, and Saunders responding, “We can stand back up, bitch!”. But the fight stayed grounded, with Saunders holding Swick. Swick got up and went to land a big right to Saunders, but got caught by Saunders on the ground again. Finally, the referee stood them up with over a minute left. They traded punches, and Saunders pressed Swick up against the cage. Swick turned him around and tried to foot stomp as the round ended. Saunders rubbed Swick’s head while walking back to his corner. 10-9 for Swick.

Round 2: Swick took Saunders down early and mounted him. Swick stayed in Saunders’ guard, and landed a couple of shots before the referee stood them back up. Swick nailed Saunders with a nice combination and then started wailing away on him and the referee jumped in and stopped the fight.

Winner via TKO at 3:47 of Round 2: Mike Swick

After the fight, Swick said he wants the top guys – Matt Hughes, GSP and Thiago Alves.