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UFC 99: Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 99: The Comeback. To access our full coverage, click here.

Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy

Davis was clearly the favorite with the crowd, as Dan Hardy was roundly booed by the German crowd.

Round 1: Both men exchanged leg kicks early. Davis went for a takedown, which was stuffed with Hardy clinching against the cage. Both men stayed tied up against the cage before Davis was able to take him down and get full mount. Davis passed Hardy’s guard and got his back on the ground and dropped some punches. Davis transitioned into a guillotine, but Hardy was able to maneuver out and get up to his feet. Hardy caught Davis with a big right hand and caught Davis with a bunch of shots, cutting Davis on his forehead. scores it 10-9 for Davis.

Round 2: Both men started the round with kicks again. After a minute in the round, Hardy caught Davis with a big knee and some big shots on the ground, but Davis was able to recover. Hardy mounted Davis, while Davis attempted an armbar that Hardy was able to squirm out of. With a little over a minute left, the referee stood both men up. Davis nailed Hardy with a big left and got a takedown with half of a minute left. Davis dropped a couple of shots while on top as the round came to a close. scores it 10-9 for Hardy.

Round 3: Davis rocked Hardy with a big left, knocking Hardy down and getting in his guard. Davis then went for a foot lock and transitioned into a heel hook, but Hardy was able to get out and back up to his feet. Hardy was able to secure a takedown. Hardy was able to hit a big elbow that cut Davis, and they checked the cut. Davis looked wobbly when they checked the cut. The fight resumed, and Davis tried to work his way up before the referee stood them up with less than a minute left in the round. Hardy nailed Davis with a left hook and Davis responded with a left of his own. Hardy landed a high kick and a left hook with seconds left in the round. They actually shook hands when the fight ended. Tough round to score, Davis had the first half while Hardy controlled the second. We score it 10-9 for Hardy.

Winner via split decision (29-28 Hardy, 29-28 Davis, 29-28 Hardy): Dan Hardy

After the fight, Hardy went to congratulate Davis, but Davis blew him off and walked off. Hardy is his post-fight interview said he respected Davis, and that everyone that supported him should continue to do so.