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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Says Rashad Evans Was "Afraid" Of Lyoto Machida

The war of words continues between The Ultimate Fighter 10 coaches Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans. Rampage claims the Greg Jackson submission-trained fighter was “afraid” in his first ever title defense at UFC 98.

“I think he was afraid,” Rampage told of Evans’ gun-shyness during his second round loss to Lyoto Machida. “That’s what made him mess up. He didn’t do nothing — that’s what his mistake was. He let Machida do everything.”

Not only did Rampage call out Evans for his unwillingness to bring the fight to the illusive Brazilian, he also said that he should have kept his mouth shut throughout the title scrap, especially while he was getting rained on.

“Plus, he’s talking while Machida was trying to knock him out,” Rampage stated. “He’s not defending . . . he’s talking. How you gonna talk while somebody’s trying to knock your head off? What do you do? Ask him to stop? What are you doing?”

While getting pelted with Machida’s fists, but before he was sent tumbling down, Evans noted that he was telling Machida, “Man, you hit like a . . .”

While he was getting bombed on?!

When asked what Rampage would have done differently, the former UFC light heavyweight champ said he would probably push the pace against Machida.

“Yeah,” said Jackson. “I’m an aggressive fighter.”