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Andrei Arlovski: "I Got My Ass Kicked . . . It’s Embarrassing"

Speaking during a live video chat on his website,, Andrei Arlovski shared his thoughts on his 22 second knockout loss to Brett Rogers this past weekend at Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields, and his outlook on what the future in this sport holds for him.

“The loss bothers me, it hurts me. I have to do something about this. (Brett Rogers) had a good record, but I thought he was not the top like Fedor or Barnett. It was my mistake and when you make a mistake you have to pay for it. I took Rogers seriously, but I didn’t think the fight would have been this situation.

I focused too much on boxing and not enough on the wrestling and jiu-jitsu. It wasn’t right. It’s another thing I have to think about. MMA is not boxing. I have to change something. I don’t understand this question about my chin. When you open your face for four or five punches it doesn’t matter your chin, you will get KOed. Rogers was great, he did what he did. I took the fight and I got my ass kicked, it’s that simple. It’s embarrassing, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have to move on. I’m definitely going to come back.”

Arlovski vows to learn from his mistakes and come back even stronger. However, the question remains, following two consecutive defeats inside the cage and his expressed desire to enter the ring as a professional boxer, exactly when and where will his comeback take place?