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Tough Break for Urijah Faber as Mike Brown Dominates at ‘WEC 41′

In the most highly anticipated fight in WEC history, featherweight champ Mike Brown proved he is the real deal after dominating an injured Urijah Faber throughout the better part of five rounds. Faber broke his right hand in the middle of the opening round when he struck Brown on the top of the head.

“Urijah’s tough, man,” Brown said in his post-fight interview. “I just really couldn’t get my gloves [on] his head. He’s a world-class fighter. It was my night again. We’re the two best guys in the world [at 145 pounds].”

For Faber, it’s back to the drawing board as the WEC’s Superman has apparently found his Kryptonite. Before being introduced to Brown, Faber held a superior 21-1 record. Now he has dropped two of his last three, both courtesy of Mike Brown.

“That happened midway through the first round,” Faber said of his hand injury. “I apologize. You know, I like to go out there and bang straight up. My weapons were gone. I hurt both my hands and just stayed in there. I was all elbows after that. I’d love to get back in here and get another shot at this title.”

After the war, the ever-classy Brown gave props to the fallen champion and encouraged him to get healthy and back into title contention.

“I just can’t wait to see Urijah back in the mix,” Brown said. “It looked like he damaged his hand a little bit somewhere in that fight. Maybe it would have been even more of a war. I knew he was hurting in there.”