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Juanito Ibarra Files Lawsuit Against Tito Ortiz

Former manager/trainer for UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is striking back at former champion Tito Ortiz for calling him a “thief”. Juanito Ibarra claims that Ortiz’ comments have caused emotional distress through defamation and invasion of privacy according to TMZ.

Here’s an excerpt of what Ortiz had said about Ibarra this past September:

“Let me explain this to you because it really pisses me off that Ibarra has done what he has done, he is a thief. I have been running training camps for seven years up in Big Bear California and the most that my camp has cost a fighter to attend is $35,000. Ibarra was charging Jackson $65,000 to go to Big Bear. I don’t understand that!! He was being very disrespectful and taking advantage of ‘Rampage’. Including travel, training partners, food and lodging, the most ever was $35,000, maybe if you flew in more trainers…$40K. Where did that extra money go that Ibarra was charging?”

Not only is Ibarra going after Ortiz, he’s also suing the media who reported the story which helped spread Ortiz’ comments throughout the Internet.

There’s no doubt that after what Ortiz had said, followed by Jackson leaving Ibarra that he’s probably struggling to get clients into his camp. We don’t know how much Ibarra is suing for and which MMA websites he has targeted.