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Gary Shaw on Kimbo Joining TUF: "I Think it’s a Step Back"

Former EliteXC promoter Gary Shaw, the man who is credited for bringing Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson into the world of MMA, was hoping to take Kimbo into the boxing world as well. With yesterday’s announcement, the UFC quickly threw a wrench into his plans, leaving the long-time promoter confused.

“It shocked me when I heard,” Shaw told FanHouse of Kimbo’s participation in the next season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

From the opening bell, Shaw hailed Kimbo as MMA’s next big attraction. Unfortunately for Shaw and EliteXC, the mixed martial arts community was more aware of Kimbo’s shortcomings than his skill set, which only enlarging the massive target that was already on his back.

Although Shaw considers Kimbo a friend and thinks that UFC president Dana White made the right move by signing the YouTube sensation, he does feel that Kimbo made a mistake by stating, “I just don’t think it’s a big enough platform for him.”

Shaw also went on to say that he thought Kimbo could be the heavyweight champion of the world in boxing.