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Yushin Okami Talks About His Return To The UFC, His Victory Over Anderson Silva & More

Yushin Okami, who had to bow out of his fight at UFC 98 against Dan Miller due to a torn ligament, told that he wants to return in September and eventually face middleweight champion Anderson Silva. “I’d torn my ligament around the end of April,” he stated. “I really wanted to fight (against Miller), but the doctor had stopped me. He told me I would recover by June if I sit still. Currently I’m focused on upper-body training, and by July I will be back to my usual regimen. I want to get back into the Octagon, if possible, to fight in September.”

Okami is the last man to have defeated Anderson Silva, albeit via disqualification due to an illegal kick at Rumble On The Rock 8 on January 20, 2006. Silva has openly stated that he felt Okami could have continued to fight, and has not wanted to fight him because of it.

“The records say I won but I really lost the match (against Silva),” Okami admits. “But I believe because of this fight I’ve grown stronger. The next time I fight him things will be different. I am confident of that.”

As for his thoughts on Silva’s upcoming fight with Forrest Griffin, he stated that “I believe [Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin] will be a good fight. (Silva) does best at 185 but I don’t think it’s a wrong decision to fight in 205.”