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Matt Hughes Looks To Continue Career Following UFC 98 Victory

Coming off a unanimous decision victory over his arch nemesis Matt Serra at UFC 98, former welterweight champion Matt Hughes doesn’t plan to bring an end to his legendary career just yet.

“I definitely still want to compete. I still think I’m competitive in the weight division, so we’ll keep going,” said Hughes to reporters following his win last weekend. “It will be interesting to watch Thiago Alves and Georges St. Pierre go at it. It will be an interesting fight for me to watch. We’ll figure it out. Like I’ve said before, I’m not going anywhere.”

When asked by Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview what his intentions were going forward, Hughes stated that he was a free agent, but won’t fight for anyone but the UFC.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do. D.W. (Dana White) and I will get in a room and we’ll talk about it, and we’ll figure it out,” Hughes said.

After hitting the canvas early in round one due to an accidental head butt, Hughes regained his composure between rounds, and went on to win the last two rounds in most people’s eyes, or at least the judges’ eyes, which of course is what matters most. “I thought I had it,” said Hughes. “I’m sure Matt (Serra) thought the same thing. I thought I lost the first round and won the second two. The second round, I thought the majority was definitely on my side. I thought the third round was maybe a little closer, but I still thought it was mine. So, I went like I thought it was.”

Hughes later admitted via his blog at, that he wasn’t quite sure what brought him to the floor in the first round. “When he knocked me down in the first round, I didn’t know what hit me. When I finally realized what had happened, I thought it was the same punch that knocked GSP down. My corner eventually told me that it was a head butt. His two minor submission attempts never even had me worried. When the fight was over, I was pretty confident I was going to get my hand raised.”

“He stayed in real good position on his back,” added Hughes. “I thought I would be able to use my weight and strength a little bit better. I was wanting to throw more elbows, but he did a good job of defending where I didn’t get to throw the strikes that I was wanting to. I think I was able to wear on him a little bit, wear him out a little bit, but I thought he would be more tired than he was. He came in, obviously, better than I thought he would.”

With no plans to retire anytime soon and having already stated that he would like to get rematches with fighters who have previously defeated him, Matt Hughes will surely be tuned into UFC 100 with a vested interest when Thiago Alves and Georges St. Pierre battle for the welterweight title.