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Michael Bisping To Train With Frank Mir For UFC 100?

In preparation for the biggest fight in his UFC career against Dan Henderson at UFC 100, Michael Bisping is planning on taking advantage of all training options that may be afforded to him. Already based in one of the best mixed martial arts training camps out there, the Wolfslair in the UK, Bisping has seen his skills as a fighter develop immensely since his time on the Ultimate Fighter reality show. But to have a shot at taking out the former Pride champion, “The Count” knows he will have to be in his best form to date on July 11th. To do this, Bisping may enlist the training services of UFC interim heavyweight champion Frank Mir.

“When Rampage fought Wanderlei in December he used Frank Mir’s gym,” Bisping recently told Chris Granet of “Anthony [McGann] the manager of Wolfslair is friendly with Frank, so seeing as he’s fighting on the card I thought it could be a possibility.”

“I go out to America a few weeks beforehand, as I always do, to try and get over the time difference. And Vegas is at a little bit of elevation, two or three thousand above sea level so obviously I try to compensate for that. And just to get away so I’m hundred percent focused on the fight and nothing else.”

Bisping is also hoping that his Wolfslair teammate Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will be able to join in on his training for Henderson.

“Yeah, fingers crossed Rampage is going to come out for the last month of training,” he said. “I’m looking forward to that because obviously he’s fought Henderson so he’ll be able to help me out definitely.”

Come July 11th, “The Count” should have a great understanding of what to expect from Henderson in the cage, but knowing what to do and actually implementing his strategy in the fight are two very different things.

“Well, I’ve got to make sure I’m as fit as I possibly can be – that’s a given, I always try to be in top condition. Obviously I’ve got to work my defense against Greco-Roman wrestling, and avoiding Dan’s big right hand, which he likes to follow up with the clinch – to try to land that big shot and follow it up with a take down.”

“And same as always, I always try and improve my all-round game and go in as a better and improved fighter than I did last time. I definitely feel I’ve improved as a fighter since I fought Leben. I’ve definitely got some new tricks up my sleeves and I’ll be looking at using them when we fight.”

If Michael Bisping can come out on top against Dan Henderson at UFC 100, at title shot against the current middleweight champion Anderson Silva is most likely on the horizon.