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Chuck Liddell ‘Bothered’ By Dana White’s Retirement Announcement?

If you thought that the war of words between UFC President Dana White and Chuck Liddell’s long time trainer and confidante was over, you’ve got another thing coming. In an article on Yahoo Sports!, both men continued to spar over the future of Chuck Liddell.

“The last thing I want to do is criticize Chuck Liddell,” White said in the article. “I love the guy. But this is a young man’s sport.

“There’s nothing left for Chuck to prove,” he continued. “He’s 40 [Liddell turns 40 at the end of this year]. You want me to put him in with a 26-year-old?”

Hackleman responded, saying that age shouldn’t be an issue.

“[Lidell’s] turning 40, but he’s a strong 40. I’ll be with him whatever he decides to do. If I felt there was even a chance of disability or a brain injury, I wouldn’t want him to fight.”

Hackleman goes on to note that while he feels White’s intentions are genuine, he was being unprofessional and that his premature announcement bothered Liddell.

“It really bothered Chuck,” Hackleman noted. “Chuck doesn’t like being confrontational. He’s a laid-back, easy-going guy. In front of people, he’d like to just get along.”

Liddell spoke on the back-and-forth between the two, comparing the situation to a child custody battle, while saying that he still hasn’t decided what he’s going to do next.

“It’s like if you’re a kid and your parents don’t get along,” Liddell stated. “They both called me up and talked to me, and they both love me and have my best interests at heart. I love both guys, and I’m not going to take sides. “They’ve never liked each other. But they’ve always kept it quiet out of respect for me. Now that it’s going back and forth, it’s been blown way out of proportion.”

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