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Cung Le Talks About Returning To The Cage And Who He Would Like To Face

Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le, who hasn’t fought since he won the title from a game Frank Shamrock last spring, recently said in an interview with MMAWeekly that he still plans on returning to the cage.

“I definitely plan on returning to the cage as soon as possible, but right now I have a couple of things in the works,” he said. “I definitely have that itch, and I’ve been training, and you can ask my coach Javier Mendez and Josh Thomson – I’m always working.”

Le has been staying busy in Hollywood, having last been seen in the Channing Tatum starrer Fighting which released last month. He also has Pandorum, with co-stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, releasing in September as well as the live-action Tekken film, which should also release this year. However, he noted that he stays in shape during filming.

“Every time I’m on set, I have to be focused on whatever I’m doing,” he stated. “But I’m training while I’m on set, just to stay in shape. That pushes me because I’ve got to stay in good shape to potentially defend my title. If I get a little break, I’m doing something.”

As for who Cung Le would like to face when he returns, he said that while he doesn’t know what’s in store, he would like to fight Frank Shamrock again. He also said he’d like to face Nick Diaz if he stays in the division.

While Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker had previously said that Cung Le would return later this year, Le offeres no assurances, just saying that he does want to return eventually. For the full interview at, click here.