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Randy Couture Defends Chuck Liddell In Retirement Talk

Randy Couture knows what Chuck Liddell is currently going through, he knows what it feels like to have the UFC push him into retirement. The only difference is that Couture was never as close to UFC President Dana White as Liddell is and that really is the problem according to Couture.

“It’s like, ‘you’re not going to fight for the UFC again, because we don’t want to see you do this anymore.’ That sucks.” Couture told MMAWeekly.

The talk is about Liddell’s age and declining ability but Couture attributes Liddell’s recent losses to something else. “He’s got that kind of style anyway, that’s the fighter he’s always been. We’re just used to seeing him on the other side of it – landing the shot instead of taking the shot.”

Couture does hope that its ultimately Liddell’s decision at the end but that people he’s spoken to who are close to the Liddell situation told him, “I know he’s struggling with the decision, he’s being pressured (see Dana White confirms Chuck Liddell’s retirement), and he’s not sure that’s what he wants to do.

He should be able to make [the decision to retire] on his own and still have the option to fight if that’s what’s really in his heart,” Couture continued. “But I understand too, him and Dana are very close, and Dana doesn’t want to see him get hurt, get knocked out. He’s still going to be a public figure for the company, an ambassador for appearances, for representing products and fights. The UFC’s getting involved in this whole gym endeavor, that’s an area that Chuck could be of use for them, setting up curriculums and training regimens for striking and wrestling. There’s places for him for sure. Whatever he decides to do, I’ll back him. Maybe he’ll be the accountant.”