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Jason "Mayhem" Miller Rips MMA Fans Critical Of Bobby Lashley And Brock Lesnar

Never at a loss for words, Jason “Mayhem” Miller took a shot at MMA fans critical of Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar in MMA. Lashley, who reports today signed a long-term deal with pro wrestling company TNA, was interviewed on Inside MMA and spoke out about fans who are critical of him. When they returned from the interview, Miller – who was a panelist on the show – had some choice words for those fans.

“Most MMA fans are whiny morons,” Miller stated. “They’re hating on this guy because he comes from pro wrestling which is ‘fake’, and mixed martial arts is ‘real’. The thing is, if the guy is a good athlete and can learn to really fight, it doesn’t take any legitimany away from mixed martial arts. If he can do it, then he can do it.”

When host Kenny Rice asked Miller if he was referring to a small population of MMA fans, Miller responded “A healthy chunk of MMA fans are morons. They get stupid chains and flames on their shirts.

“There are some dump people out there who are all hurt that Brock Lesnar is the new UFC heavyweight champion,” Miller continued. “Can he stay on top? We shall see, but at the same time, he earned it and he made it happen.”

Miller does have a point as far as Lashley goes. If Lashley makes non-wrestling appearances for TNA, then it really is no different than countless other MMA fighters who fight on the regional circuit who have other jobs. However, if Lashley does actually wrestle in TNA, then it does bring up legitimate concerns to his commitment to MMA since injuries are part of the game in pro wrestling, and Lashley himself has been out of action for a lengthy period of time in 2007 for an injury he suffered in the ring.