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Gina Carano Close to Signing With Strikeforce, UFC Or WEC Still A Possibility?

Gina Carano appears on Inside MMA this coming Friday on HDNet and will hopefully shed some light on her future plans. In a recent interview with, Carano noted that she is close to signing with Strikeforce and that the contract is getting negotiated, but wouldn’t give specifics on what is taking so long but did say that the contract would be for the current year and next year. Carano had fought for Strikeforce in December of 2006 before leaving for EliteXC, and noted that she didn’t leave on the best of terms.

“It wasn’t on the best terms, to be quite honest, but I don’t have anything against anyone and I hope that no one’s got anything against me,” Carano said. “I fought for Strikeforce once against Elaina Maxwell and I got a really good reaction, but I hadn’t signed an agreement with anybody yet. So, here comes EliteXC all pumped and ready to go and they offered me a better deal, so I was like, ‘You know, this is business; I’ll just go with that.’ Lo and behold, later on, EliteXC goes out of business and here comes Strikeforce and they are ready to put their stuff on TV. This is just a business world and I’m not taking anything personally.”

When asked is she considered herself underpaid for only making $25,000 in her fight with Kelly Kobald last October, Carano replied “I am absolutely unmotivated by money. And I know that maybe people take that and don’t understand what that means, but I am just not. What I am interested in is people that have respect. Not only respect for me, but people who have respect for women in MMA. So, the better that I can do for myself and the better I represent myself – which I have to work on all of this, by the way – the better it is for the sport. Of course money is nice when you have it in your pocket, but I am just trying to do the best deal possible. Everybody’s talking on good terms now, so it’s good.”

Carano admittied that she was also talking with Zuffa about fighting in the UFC or WEC, and would probably fight with Zuffa if she was a real free agent. “I have sat down with Dana and (Zuffa co-owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta) and they have expressed interest and want to do something, but I am a little wary because I know that Strikeforce is signing women and the “Cyborg” (Santos) fight is over there,” Carano said. “But to go and sign with the UFC would be amazing, also. I would have to go and fight (the contract that Strikeforce bought from EliteXC) in court and that would just seem like it would put more months in between me fighting, staying active and staying sane. I have a lot of decisions to make. I could do a lot of good for the sport if I fight “Cyborg” and get something started (in Strikeforce). I would fight for a belt and then every female after starts fighting this person for the belt and then more and more females get known. So, I have just been caught between two places and it’s a very hard decision.

“I think that I would probably pick Zuffa because that’s the big show,” she continued. “To be a part of that would be amazing, but you know, here comes Strikeforce and they’ve got this CBS and Showtime deal and they are working their way up into being good competition. They have been respectful and haven’t tried to push it too far in terms of being competitors with the UFC. They’ve built their company on some good roots and now they are ready to branch out on Showtime and CBS. But as of right now, the UFC is the big show, and for a female, it would be an amazing opportunity.”

Carano goes on to say that she’s looking for an August return to the cage against Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. For the full interview at, click here.