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Benji Radach Explains Why He’s Appealing His Loss, Smith’s Camp Responds

In an update to our report earlier this week about Benji Radach appealing his TKO loss to Scott Smith on the April 11th Strikeforce show in San Jose, California, is reporting that Benji Radach has filed a formal appeal with the California State Athletic Commission through his agent, Ken Pavia, earlier this week. When asked about the main points of the appeal in an interview with Cage Potato, Radach said, “One, in the second round I had him in a guillotine, choking the piss out of him, and I thought I was just going to choke him unconscious. But he grabbed the fence and used it to pull us into a scramble and get out of the choke, which is illegal. Number two, when I got hit with the big shot in the third and I hit the mat I was recovering and I was aware. I turned to the side to put my hand out and get up and he hit me with an illegal blow on the back of the head. That’s when the referee stopped the fight.”

When asked about what he hopes to accomplish with the appeal, Radach said that he would like to get the fight changed to a no contest and get a rematch. He went on to say that it was a bad stoppage and he doesn’t want it on his record.

Scott Smith’s manager, Mike Roberts, told ESPN Magazine that they were disappointed with the appeal. “He’s obviously entitled to his opinion, but we’re disappointed that Benji is trying to take away from what was such a great fight,” Roberts said. “At this point, we’re moving on and are completely focused on Scott’s June 6 fight with Nick Diaz.”

If Radach were to successfully get the fight changed to a no-contest, it could potentially open up a floodgate of appeals for future fights. It’s doubtful that anything will come from this appeal, especially since Anthony Johnson lost his appeal late last year for a flagrant bad call in his fight with Kevin Burns last July.