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Frank Shamrock’s Future Uncertain After Loss To Diaz

Frank Shamrock has carried an extremely distinguished career inside and outside of the cage for the last fifteen years, but his recent performance against a much younger and more aggressive Nick Diaz has left some doubt in the mind of the 36-year-old MMA veteran.

“I wasn’t able to deliver in my last fight,” Shamrock recently told “It was a good show, but it was an OK fight. I didn’t deliver a performance. I look at it like, if the actor can’t hold the role, then you need a new actor.”

Shamrock is 1-3 in his last four fights, and is now faced with a decision that will not only impact his career as a fighter, but will also have a significant impact from a business standpoint.

“I think I have to (make a decision) just from a smart business standpoint,” Shamrock said. “I can’t have another Nick Diaz night, unfortunately. The reason why people are Frank Shamrock fans is that I show up, and I deliver every time.”

Despite being hampered by an injured rib in his bout against Diaz, Shamrock knows there are no excuses for his sub par performance.

“The rib messed me up pretty good. I couldn’t grapple or do much of anything for a couple of weeks. But I went in there believing 100 percent that I could beat Nick Diaz. Regardless of if I had one leg or not, I stepped in there, I picked up the sword, and I believed the sword would strike him down. It didn’t. I just didn’t feel it that night.”

Shamrock also relayed a concern for his commitment to the fight game, or lack thereof.

“I’ve never gone in and gotten my ass kicked,” Shamrock said. “I’ve never gone in and not had an outstanding performance, which is what people pay for. It’s a brand-new experience for me, and I’ve always been able to go in there – broken, whatever – and been able to push it aside and perform.

“So I don’t know. Am I getting old? Do I care less? Is it time to move on? I have no idea because this is my first experience.”

Shamrock is just 2-4 in six fights since 2006, so a return to being a dominant force inside the cage seems to be in question. But the real question maybe if that is even something that Frank Shamrock wants at this point in his life.

“My only regret is that I didn’t start younger and have more years to give,” Shamrock said. “I really think I’m going to go for nine more years, but I also really thought I was going to kick Nick Diaz’s ass.

“Things have changed a little bit.”

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