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Quick Shots: Fertitta Rips Fedor, Serra As Wolverine, Mayhem On Childhood

* UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta joined Dana White in bashing Fedor Emelianenko in the most recent issue of Fighters Only Magazine. When talking about Fedor, Fertitta noted that “the general public has no idea who Fedor is, nor do they care. He would not make an impact from a business standpoint, in my opinion, with the UFC.” He does go on to say that he would like to still see him in the UFC, and is puzzled as to why his management team has prevented that from happening.

* Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller did an interview with My Yearbook talking about Bully Beatdown, where he got the ‘Mayhem’ nickname, which fighters he looks up to and much more. It’s a pretty lengthy interview, and definitely worth a read. To check out the full interview, click here.

* Episode 2 of Marvel Super Heroes has Matt Serra lending his voice as Wolverine. To watch the episode over at, click here.