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Wanderlei Silva Talks Life After Fighting, Anderson Silva Training Rich Franklin & More

In an exclusive six-page interview in this month’s issue of Fighters Only USA, Silva says he talks about how much longer he will be fighting for, and how he’ll be in trouble once his fighting career comes to a close. “I want to fight for another five, maybe seven years?,” Silva noted in the interview. “I don’t know. I need to respect my body. My body now is good, I am feeling good and training good. In the next year I will make a decision…”

“I don’t have any hobbies, I don’t have a lot of friends, because of my fighting, my life is very private [closed off]. I live for my family and my job,” he continued. “I don’t fight for money, because I have money to live for all my life, but I fight because I love it, it stays in my heart.”

Silva also recently spoke to about his upcoming fight with Rich Fanklin at UFC 99, saying “He’s a gentleman, I talked with him a lot of times. I’m so happy to fight with him, because he likes to fight, (he’s) not afraid. Because if you fight with one guy who’s afraid of you, it’s hard because there’s no action.”

Silva goes on to talk about Anderson Silva training Rich Franklin, noting “It’s smart, because Silva has a lot of techniques. It’s possible for him to train with who he wants. For me, it doesn’t matter, because I’m going to beat him. It’s possible he could train with Mike Tyson – I’m going to beat him.

“It’s a professional time for MMA, and everybody needs to go to the best place for having the best options. Maybe Anderson is a good option for him, because Anderson beat him two times.”