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Tito Ortiz Rips Chuck Liddell, Chimes In On UFC

Never one to hesitate before speaking his mind, Tito Ortiz, while appearing on “The Junkies” radio show on 106.7 WJFK in Washington D.C., shared some unfiltered thoughts on Chuck Liddell and the UFC.

When asked how much he thought Chuck made for his last fight, Tito threw out some eye-opening numbers. “Chuck made $1.5 million for his last fight. The UFC will then make roughly $45 million off that event.” Ortiz also claimed, as he has numerous times in the past, that “fighters in the UFC don’t even make 5% of the total revenue that the company earns from any given event.” That, as we all know, is the whole basis for the feud between Tito and his former manager, current UFC President, Dana White.

Later in the interview, when Ortiz was asked what he thought was the best base for a young fighter to have when trying to break into MMA, he replied with this not-so-subtle jab at Chuck Liddell, “Wrestling is the best base to have. I wouldn’t encourage anyone under the age of 20 to spar or box. Don’t be stupid, because you get punched in the face and then you end up talking like Chuck Liddell.” Ouch. Clearly hinting at Liddell’s recent tendency to appear a bit punch-drunk in his interviews, Ortiz was happy to use his old buddy’s career path as a blueprint for what not to do.

Tito would also later mention the world’s worst kept secret, his intentions to return to the cage later this year with Strikeforce, where he said he plans to “tear threw the light heavyweight division.” He also said that he wanted to fight until he was 36 or maybe even 38 if the money is right. No word yet on when he plans to retire from taking shots at Chuck Liddell and the UFC.

We have posted the interview in our Videos section. To listen to the interview, click here.