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Recap Of Anderson Silva’s Appearance On ‘Inside MMA’

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and manager Ed Soares joined the panel of the most recent episode of Inside MMA and addressed criticism of his fight with Thales Leites at UFC 97: Redemption.  Here are some of the highlights:

On criticism that his fight with Leites wasn’t exciting enough:

Silva said that fans don’t always understand what’s going on in the ring. He prepared and trained hard for the fight and did what he needed to do to secure the victor. Unfortunately, fights don’t always play out the way fans want them to. However, he said that he did what he had to do and got the win.

Bas Rutten asked Silva if he was trying to not overstrike to avoid being taken down by Leites:

Silva said no, and he did what he trained to do, and that was to stand up and confuse Leites, which he did.  He was looking for the opportunity to finish, but it never came. What he trained to do, which he applied, was to take the fight into the later rounds and finish when possible.

Bas then asked if his performance puts pressure on him for his next fight:

Silva responded by saying no, and that his goal is to have as close to a perfect fight as possible. He said he always tries to make the least mistakes possible and is always looking to eliminate errors for opponents to capitalize on.

Bas asked if this fight puts extra pressure on Silva to KO his next opponent:

Silva once again said ‘no’, and said that if the opportunity presents itself, he’ll take it. He’s always looking to finish. He once again noted that fans don’t always understand what’s going on and it’s more complex than it looks, a point that Bas agreed with.

For a video of some of Silva’s appearance on the show, click here.