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Frank Mir Getting In Top Physical Condition For Lesnar Fight

Frank Mir, who is training for his UFC Heavyweight Championship fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 on July 11, admits in a recent interview with The Edmonton Sun that he was “kinda fat” earlier in his fight career. “Eight weeks before a fight I would start working out and before that you would never see me in the gym,” Mir admitted. “If you train all the time, it’s easy to peak out and get strong. But if you just try to be a weekend warrior at this sport, it ain’t gonna happen.”

Mir also credited his 69 second loss to Brandon Vera in 2006 as a reality check. “After the Brandon Vera fight I just really changed everything up and decided that that’s not how I wanted to go out in my career,” he noted.

Mir went on to say that his days of only training in the eight weeks leading up to a fight are over, and his trainers now are concerned about him training too hard. “Our biggest argument right now is they keep trying to get me out of the gym. They’re saying right now I’m doing too many rounds, my conditioning’s at too high of a level for this far out of the fight. And now they’re starting to panic that I’m going to burn out,” Mir quipped.

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