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Dispelling "Greasegate 2" Allegations From UFC 97

This past January’s UFC 94 mega fight between B.J. Penn and Georges St. Pierre concluded with much controversy, as the Hawaiian’s camp accused the Frenchman’s team of applying Vaseline to their fighter’s body, which is illegal in Mixed Martial Arts competition. Penn’s team claimed that the application of slippery substances caused a disadvantage for the grappling specialist and subsequently affected the outcome of the fight. GSP won the super fight with a 4th round TKO over the current UFC Lightweight champion.

Fast forward three months later and the UFC almost has another greasing controversy on its hands.

The main event of this past weekend’s UFC 97, featuring a Middleweight title fight between Anderson “Spider” Silva and Thales Leites ended in a dominating win for the famed Brazilian striker. Afterwards, much like the Penn vs. St. Pierre fight, allegations of “greasing” surfaced after review of fight footage showing Silva clearly rubbing his body after Vaseline was applied to his face before the fight.

According to, there is no controversy. Loretta Hunt, subject of Dana White’s disdain and Sherdog writer, reported having spoken to Yves Lavigne, who was the referee in charge of the UFC 97 main event.

Lavigne stated to that the PPV cameras did not show footage of both himself and the corner of Leites noticing Silva touching his face and body upon entering the octagon. The challenger’s corner then asked the referee to inspect Silva before the beginning of the bout.

“I saw he had a little Vaseline on his chest and I wiped it from his chest and arms, as I saw him touching them as well,” Lavigne told on Tuesday.

Lavigne was then given a “thumbs up” of approval from the corner of Leites before allowing the bout to proceed.
Another source from Hunt’s article also quotes Vitor “Shaolin” Ribiero, who was one of the cornermen for Thales Leites.

“I remember Yves Lavigne toweled and cleaned the body,” Ribeiro said. “I don’t think [the cutman] put a lot of grease on his face and [Silva] put it on his body. I think everything was pretty fair.”

So there you have it. With the corner of Thales Leites along with the official referee commenting on this story, any allegations of ‘Greasegate 2” should be put to rest, at least until another potential super fight matching Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva. That should be a slippery one to call.