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Fightline Radio Ep. 29 Recap – Frank Shamrock Joins Us

It was a legendary night for Fightline Radio as “The Legend” himself, Frank Shamrock called in to talk shop with Matt and Carl and he was on a roll!

On his upcoming fight with Caesar Gracie student Nick Diaz, “Diaz is an equation that I know will challenge me.”

On Diaz’ plot for vengeance against the man who KO’d his coach, “If someone smashed my coach I’d be awfully upset about it.”

Frank was outlandish and funny the only way Frank can be.

On Cung Le: “I knew he sucked on the ground so I thought I’d challenge myself (standing up)”….

Frank also talked about the overall state of MMA, vale tudo vs. today’s rules, and his take on the current weight-classes.

Another hot topic was Strikeforce vs. The UFC with Frank saying that “Strikeforce is the future of MMA” and the difference between big business (UFC) and good business(Strikeforce).


As always, Matt and Carl brought their signature brand of insight and hilarity to the table and got Frank to open up about his love for the show “Desperate Housewives” — Will Mike and Susan ever get back together???

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Join us next week as we will be doing a same-day preview of the upcoming UFC Fight Night 18. Matthew will try to make some more money in the sportbook while Carl will try to bat .500!

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