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Lyoto Machida’s Unusual Family Tradition

“My training is with my family, out Karate, and it makes it more easy. If I go out there, maybe I won’t find what I have in Belém any place in the world. I train with guys who live there”, explains Lyoto. Besides telling his training routine, the undefeated fighter revealed a rather interesting family tradition, a secret until now: urine therapy. Once in the day, he and his family drinks their own urine. “My father does that for a long time and bring it to us. People think it’s a joke (laughs). I never said it in the United States because I don’t know how the fans will react (laughs). I drink my urine every morning like a natural medicine”, revealed Machida

Top light-heavyweight contender Lyoto Machida recently commented to tatame magazine about an unusual tradition he does with his family. Machida is coming off of a knockout victory over Thiago Silva at UFC 94. Machida will next be facing light-heavyweight champ Rashad Evans at UFC 98 in May.