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The UFC Will Hold 2 Events In August

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta recently covered a variety of topics on the popular MMA forum The Underground; among topics covered, Fertitta confirmed that the UFC will go to Philadelphia on August 8 for UFC 101 and Portland on August 29 for UFC 102.

The heavyweight fight between Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira previously reported for UFC 101 will now be the main event of UFC 102 in Portland. The UFC is trying to put together a lightweight title fight between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian for UFC 101 in Philadelphia.

However, its not yet know which event the Forrest Griffin vs. Thiago Silva fight will take place on. The light-heavyweight bout was originally set for UFC 101 but with the latest news of two events being in August, the fight could take place at UFC 102 due to Griffin and Couture having a strong relationship.

Other notable topics discussed on the Underground forum by UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta:

– He said the UFC is looking into holding an event on St. Patrick’s day next year possibly in Dublin, Ireland or Boston, Massachusetts.

– Fertitta thinks France is a long term investment, and that they have already seen success with their first show on RTL9 (which broadcasts out of Belgium into 13M French homes) being the second highest rated show for the night in the country. He said the French love Cheick Kongo over there.

– He said the UFC is working on getting into Brazil, but it looks like they will make it into Australia first.

– Fertitta said that the ramp from the old school UFC days will not be making a comeback to the UFC.

– Fertitta has never met Fedor, but he’d like to. He thinks Fedor is intriguing to say the least, but has been built up way too much, and that he needs to come to the UFC and fight Lesnar, Mir, Carwin etc for us to truly know the answer.

– Fertitta said that Detroit wants the UFC and they are trying to work out a date with Motor City/MGM.

– Fertitta claims Japan is impossible to deal with and he thinks UFC holding an event in Japan will probably never happen.